Education professionals have repeatedly identified the need for easy access to research on Quebec’s English-language education sector. The ILET Research Hub meets that need. This engaging online space—the first of its kind in the province—gathers original content, activities and research-based resources pertaining to all levels of education.

Hub objectives:

  • Ensure access to effective, plain-language and evidence-based knowledge on English-language education in Quebec.
  • Promote the development of a sustainable English-language educational offer.
  • Raise awareness and understanding, among a broad audience, of priority issues for Quebec’s official language minority educational ecosystem.
  • Connect researchers to practitioners and decision-makers in education.
  • Be a catalyst for collaboration and partnerships between education stakeholders.
  • Have a tangible impact on education policy and programming to support the English-language sector and enhance community vitality.

ILET Research Hub is funded by the Government of Canada and the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise. QUESCREN also receives funding from Concordia University.

Inter-Level Educational Table (ILET)

ILET is an advisory and consulting body created in 2017 by the Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network (QUESCREN) at Concordia University in Montreal.

ILET brings together representatives of Quebec’s English-language educational institutions and associations, as well as community groups and the public sector.

Its mission is to support and promote Quebec’s English-language education ecosystem through research, knowledge mobilization, and educational activities. In so doing, ILET contributes to the vitality of English-speaking communities and the broader population of Quebec.

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For more information on the Inter-level Educational Table (ILET) and research on Quebec English-language education, contact Lina Shoumarova.