Connecting Education, Identity and Vitality

What Would Be Lost if There Were No More English-Language Schools?

ABCs of Canadian Black History

Town Hall / Discussion ouverte

Language and Culture in Schools and Universities

Early Childhood Education for English-Speaking and Indigenous Communities

Research on Quebec English-Language Education; Beyond the Numbers

Positive Communication to Increase Community Well-Being

Town Hall: Changing Attitudes and Mindsets

Defining and Measuring Community Vitality

Students Requiring Special Consideration

Teaching History & Its Impact on Sense of Belonging

Skills Training for English-Speaking Youth and Young Adults


Black Education and the Dilemma of Culture and Language

Voice and Empowerment of Quebec Anglophone Youth

The Future is Now: NEXTschool

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Colin Williams

Youth Retention

English Language Education in Quebec: Canadian and Welsh Perspectives

Integrated Skills Training for Indigenous and Minority Anglophones in Quebec

Literacy and Plain Language: Practical Tools

Keynote: Kate Le Maistre

Regional Outreach Initiatives

Ensuring Community Vitality through Education

John Abbott College Career Programs and Community Vitality

Town Hall: Developing a Continuum of Educational Offer